Rethinking content – more effective ways to present your case studies 16 July 2019

Your website’s “About Us” talks about how good your company is. But where’s the proof? Empty claims lack credibility unless backed by solid evidence like relevant case studies that convincingly demonstrate how your services or products benefit your clients.

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How AI is giving finance a new voice 30 May 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to transform the financial industry. AI tools such as chatbots have been around for several years. But it wasn’t until 2016 that leading banks and wealth management companies began introducing chatbots to automate certain services. This was just the start of the AI revolution.

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WeChat, WeCan, WeDo 11 April 2019

Reaching new audiences in the world’s second largest economy.
If you’re reading this in China, chances are you’ll have an app called WeChat on your phone. A few years back, 90% of its users were based in the PRC, after all. Now it’s spreading its wings – and its digital ambitions. Today, this all-conquering smartphone ‘SuperApp’ offers so much more than chat... and with the right content strategy could be a valuable gateway to connecting with a young, increasingly affluent and mobile-savvy audience in the world’s second largest consumer market.


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Developing digital acumen 02 April 2019

In our latest Law Firm Ratings, we discuss the potential of brand intelligence for law firms. Equally important to brand is digital acumen, and the thoughtful use of a law firm’s digital footprint will help amplify their brand.

In a sector where evidence is critical, our latest Law Firm Ratings show that the leading firms use their websites to deliver to their target audiences issues-based insights, case studies, tools and well-structured people pages, written with one client-first tone of voice and available in a variety of media, not just endless screens of text. However, these law firms are the few amongst the many, with the vast majority serving up bland cookie cutter and indistinguishable content that fails to engage or inspire.

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Defining a law firm’s brand intelligence 19 March 2019

Establishing a positive brand perception has never been more important. Often a client’s first brand experience is a visit to a website, therefore the digital expression of law firm’s brand intelligence is paramount in building the right kind of connection with a user.

Creating a more influential digital experience requires careful attention to the way a brand behaves, speaks and presents itself visually. Cohesion and consistency are key in achieving this along with a mode of communicating that is distinctive and proprietary to that brand.

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Asset managers. Game on! 16 November 2018

Our latest Living Ratings report on the world's leading asset managers shows that competition within the digital arena is on fire in 2018, with the vast majority of firms making significant changes to their dotcom and social media investments. This year’s report highlights major moves from amongst players of all sizes. And even companies who have increased their individual scores have slipped in the rankings, as the competition has heated up. Fiercely.

Brains, brawn and branding
Bulge bracket firms J.P. Morgan and Deutsche Bank (37th and 78th in 2017, respectively) saw their asset management businesses skyrocket into the Top 10 this year. And proving once again that you don’t need AUM muscle to be a smart marketer, smaller asset managers like Russell Investments, GAM, Ballie Gifford, Putnam and Macquarie – none of whom make the cut for the IPE Top 50 – all scored in our Ratings’ Top 20.

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