Opportunity knocks for law firms. Part 4. Brand purpose 29 April 2021

In the last of our 'Opportunity knocks for law firms' series, we take a look at brand purpose and what this actually means in practical terms.

Brand purpose are two words that have floated around for years with few people really understanding what they mean. Well, 2020 changed all that and brands that demonstrated actionable brand purpose came to the fore – the likes of Amazon, Zoom and numerous other tech-based platforms.

These firms are all very clear what they stand for and…

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Opoortunity Knocks For Law Firms 04
Opoortunity Knocks For Law Firms 03

Opportunity knocks for law firms. Part 3. Evidence 27 April 2021

In the third part of our 'Opportunity knocks for law firms' series, we tackle the thorny issue of evidence or substantive content as it's otherwise known.

In a sector obsessed with evidence, there’s a surprising lack of evidence on the majority of law firm websites. The endless client alerts are fine, but they give your firm little or no stand out from your competitors.

Let’s start with case studies. In any other sector, demonstrating what you’ve done for other clients is a given. However, in the legal sector only…

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Opportunity knocks for law firms. Part 2. Authenticity 22 April 2021

In the second of our 'Opportunity knocks for law firms' series, we talk about authenticity and what impact this has on the legal sector.

2020 was arguably the year of authenticity as the planet shifted on its axis and we all had to change and adapt. We’ve seen the interior of all our colleagues and clients’ homes, met their children and pets and politely told everyone that they are on mute at some point.

Our point is that it’s now time for law firms to align their brands and digital presence with the new world and there’s a great opportunity to create something that’s…

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Opportunity knocks for law firms. Part 1. Humanity 20 April 2021

As a legal marketer, you may never have a better opportunity to rebrand, develop a new website or improve your content creation. The events of the past 12+ months have demonstrated that all the elements of your brand and digital intelligence need to be at their very best. Your audience remains remote – and maybe commercially distant – but they are becoming increasingly interested in your firm: what you stand for, what you’re famous for and why you should matter to them. The time is now.

Here is the first of four key opportunities, first published in the Living Ratings of law firms 2021, that will help you achieve greater brand and digital intelligence.

The goal of any law firm should be to surface the organisation’s intellectual capital, expertise and culture. People, not shiny offices, are the single most important…

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Viva the evolution. Thought leadership gets social 16 April 2021

Law firm partners’ new role in executive communications

Gone are the days of firms rolling out tome-like white papers to express their grand view of the world at large. Intellectual engagement with clients today is instantaneous, bite-size, relevant – and personal.

Thought leadership continues to play a key role in brand differentiation and value affirmation. But delivery and distribution have evolved: it’s now social, inclusive and ubiquitous. And the spotlight has shifted from the firm to the people who are the firm.

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Viva The Evolution
Living Ratings Law 2010 Views 02

Opportunity knocks. Right now.  20 August 2020

Every opportunity, a new beginning
Over the past few months we’ve shared a series of insights and recommendations on how to ensure your brand and digital presence are as strong as can be.
Our premise was that the global pandemic and resultant lockdowns across service businesses that rely so much on in-person activity would challenge two critical areas: brand loyalty and digital engagement on web and social. All these weeks later and our belief is now conviction.
Your audiences – beloved clients, critical prospects – are looking to you for the fortitude of your brand and the clarity of who you are, what you do and why you matter. (And add in, when they find you – online – they expect clear information, even inspiration.)

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