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The importance of evidence and engagement 20 May 2020

With your clients’ daily screen-time skyrocketing, information architecture (IA) and user experiences (UX) are of paramount importance. Is your digital functionality as useful as it can be? And is the content it’s delivering pertinent to your stakeholders' needs?

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Continue to invest in your brand 13 May 2020

Stay invested, your brand needs you
In times of turbulence, your brand becomes a North Star – guiding and welcoming your clients. You need to ensure it’s as bright as can be. Is it? What about the brilliance of your website? It’s the digital incarnation of your brand. Does it deliver the right experience?

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Law firm Ratings 2020: what the data tell us 16 April 2020

It’s quite possible that the brand and digital intelligence of law firms has never been so critical to the sustainability of the law firm sector. Without face-to-face interaction where do target audiences go for assurance about a firm? Brand and websites need to work harder, faster and smarter than ever before, and be flexible to accommodate change and fast-to-market content.

The good news is that our latest Ratings analysis shows a definite improvement across the sector, driven by several new law firm brands that launched over the prior 12 months and many firms working hard to improve specific elements of their digital presence.

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Professional services firms take the lead in crisis comms for clients 14 April 2020

So often crises that impact businesses are sudden and have varying ripple effects. But the new world order of the coronavirus pandemic has introduced a different type of threat. We saw this disaster on the horizon, and we had time to prepare. We can anticipate an acceleration, and most importantly, we can soberly recognise its potential long-term impact, most significantly on the global economy.

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Brand intelligence, now more than ever 17 March 2020

We live in unprecedented times – for all of us as global citizens – and especially for those of us in marketing. With an accelerating pandemic, volatile financial markets, empty calendars from cancelled events, and employees around the world working from home – we face an uncertain, but certainly uphill battle to keep our brands relevant and our messages engaging.

What does this mean for businesses and their brands?
Without human interaction – a core component of any firm’s brand – the visual and verbal components will need to go into overdrive to make up for this shortfall.

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Spotlight on financial services: The power to transform through social media 09 January 2020

For brands in the financial services industry, social media is no longer optional, it’s a necessity. In the past, compliance and regulatory standards often acted as barriers – discouraging financial marketers from deploying social media. However, today, financial services firms are gaining pace in social thanks to advances in education and training that are helping overcome past concerns. Conversations are now less about accommodating compliance restrictions and much more about embracing a social media strategy that best connects with a company’s target audiences. This empowers marketers to demonstrate their brand values and amplify relevant thought leadership.

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