Brand intelligence, now more than ever 17 March 2020

We live in unprecedented times – for all of us as global citizens – and especially for those of us in marketing. With an accelerating pandemic, volatile financial markets, empty calendars from cancelled events, and employees around the world working from home – we face an uncertain, but certainly uphill battle to keep our brands relevant and our messages engaging.

What does this mean for businesses and their brands?
Without human interaction – a core component of any firm’s brand – the visual and verbal components will need to go into overdrive to make up for this shortfall.

Take for example a law firm, where often Partners themselves constitute a core part of the brand. What happens when they can’t meet with current or prospective clients or network on a daily basis? Where do clients go then for this interaction?

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Spotlight on financial services: The power to transform through social media 09 January 2020

For brands in the financial services industry, social media is no longer optional, it’s a necessity. In the past, compliance and regulatory standards often acted as barriers – discouraging financial marketers from deploying social media. However, today, financial services firms are gaining pace in social thanks to advances in education and training that are helping overcome past concerns. Conversations are now less about accommodating compliance restrictions and much more about embracing a social media strategy that best connects with a company’s target audiences. This empowers marketers to demonstrate their brand values and amplify relevant thought leadership.

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Collaboration: the secret sauce of successful firms 21 August 2019

When Dustin Cohn spoke at the Financial Communications Society’s CMO Monthly Series in August, the head of Brand Marketing for Goldman Sachs’ Consumer & Investment Division surprised the sold-out luncheon audience with a management insight about his firm. He talked about the critical role that collaboration plays at Goldman Sachs – and specifically how it drove the successful launch of its personal lending/savings business, Marcus by Goldman Sachs.

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Rethinking content – more effective ways to present your case studies 16 July 2019

Your website’s “About Us” talks about how good your company is. But where’s the proof? Empty claims lack credibility unless backed by solid evidence like relevant case studies that convincingly demonstrate how your services or products benefit your clients.

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How AI is giving finance a new voice 30 May 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to transform the financial industry. AI tools such as chatbots have been around for several years. But it wasn’t until 2016 that leading banks and wealth management companies began introducing chatbots to automate certain services. This was just the start of the AI revolution.

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WeChat, WeCan, WeDo 11 April 2019

Reaching new audiences in the world’s second largest economy.
If you’re reading this in China, chances are you’ll have an app called WeChat on your phone. A few years back, 90% of its users were based in the PRC, after all. Now it’s spreading its wings – and its digital ambitions. Today, this all-conquering smartphone ‘SuperApp’ offers so much more than chat... and with the right content strategy could be a valuable gateway to connecting with a young, increasingly affluent and mobile-savvy audience in the world’s second largest consumer market.


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