The future of cookieless marketing 29 June 2022

Seismic changes are on the horizon in 2023 for the world of digital marketing, driven by the end of third-party cookies. As tracking technologies that rely on third-party cookies depreciate, marketers will face new challenges in targeting their paid ads to the right audience, and they’ll struggle to measure the performance of their marketing campaigns.

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How thought leadership can skyrocket your firm's brand 21 February 2022

Do you have an exciting idea for a piece of thought leadership? Something that will get your brand the attention your marketing budget was built for? Sorry, it’s not good enough. That one idea is just a rocket in disguise. Sure, it will be admired when you launch it – but how long till it fizzles and falls back to earth? That’s not the type of sustainable brand building your business needs. Effective thought leadership is first imagined, then executed like a full-blown fireworks display.


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Cracking the code of successful brands 01 December 2021

Are the sensory elements of your brand distinctive enough that they serve you as a “brand code”?
Globally renowned marketing professor Mark Ritson describes brand codes as “things that loyal customers associate with the brand and, immediately on encountering them, they recognise the brand in question, even when the logo is yet to appear.” At Living Group, we invoke an indicative strength test and challenge our clients to cover the logo on their website and admit whether or not their homepage is identifiably theirs.


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Feeling in the dark about Dark Mode? 13 October 2021

The latest website enhancement to catch people’s attention is Dark Mode, a smart, user-friendly option that Living has been highlighting to our clients for over the past year, along with other ADA-based requirements and recommendations.

Quite simply, Dark Mode allows your website visitors to choose a dark background with lighter colours for any text. It has been found that viewing darker backgrounds helps to reduce eye strain from the blue light of computer screens – something people have become more conscious of with the proliferation of online, virtual meetings.

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Opportunities for professional services firms. Part 4. Be bold 24 August 2021

In final segment of our 'Opportunities for professional services firms' series, we talk about being bold in all you do.

As we look ahead to a post-pandemic business world, let’s not accept how things had been done previously. Marketing professionals proved to be quite agile last year, adapting quickly as the world embraced new technologies not widely utilised before. The transformation to digital was accelerated across industries, and communications tactics like virtual events and podcasts became commonplace, with the best ones thriving and building invaluable audience loyalty

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Opportunities for professional services firms. Part 3. Give access to value 17 August 2021

In the third part of our 'Opportunities for professional services firms' series, we share our insight on your insights.

Be prepared to give away some of your intellectual property – no strings attached. By offering a slice of thought leadership – without asking for anything in return (like that heavy-handed lead-generation contact form), you’ll be burnishing a reputation as a subject matter expert, confident in your leadership position.

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