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Opportunity knocks. Right now.  20 August 2020

Every opportunity, a new beginning
Over the past few months we’ve shared a series of insights and recommendations on how to ensure your brand and digital presence are as strong as can be.
Our premise was that the global pandemic and resultant lockdowns across service businesses that rely so much on in-person activity would challenge two critical areas: brand loyalty and digital engagement on web and social. All these weeks later and our belief is now conviction.
Your audiences – beloved clients, critical prospects – are looking to you for the fortitude of your brand and the clarity of who you are, what you do and why you matter. (And add in, when they find you – online – they expect clear information, even inspiration.)

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Is it time to transform your data? 13 July 2020

Marketers in financial and professional services firms are frequently challenged with distributing reams of complex information – they work for content factories after all.

By creating a tool – be it a dashboard, a console, a matrix, etc. – you enable your stakeholders to interact with your data and become part of their narrative. By using visualisation – colourful, animated, moving images – you capture their attention, win their engagement and helping is selling after all!

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How social strategy transforms brand experience 06 July 2020

Social media, a business requirement
Social strategy, a marketing imperative

Social tech continues to pave the way for increasingly effective (and fun) ways to engage with your online visitors. But just because there’s a new social media channel doesn’t mean your brand should be on it. Smart marketers should prescribe to the notion of repeat, reinforce and repurpose – but that doesn’t mean regurgitate.

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Brand value, measured in human capital 29 June 2020

A winning digital experience for any brand involves a smart balance between content creation and web and social channel functionality. But what will differentiate your brand is how you tell your story – that is, the story of your people.  

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Revealing the magic of SEO 22 June 2020

SEO is all about driving your appearance on a search results page. Getting ranked on the coveted first page is increasingly competitive. SEO can be intricate, but by no means is it a dark art – it relies on doing the right things consistently and keeping search engines happy.

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Something worth shouting about: VOICE SEARCH 15 June 2020

As part of the ongoing internet-of-things phenomenon, voice search is being driven by the ubiquitous ownership of voice assistants. More than 80% of households are expected to have at least one device by the end of 2021. And right now, nearly 25% of people are using voice search at least once a day. With so much of the world experiencing some period of ‘working from home’ during the pandemic, the adoption of voice search will only be accelerated.

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