Living Sustainability

A sustainable way of Living

At Living, our objective is to responsibly manage the environmental and social risks that are inherent in our operations as a global agency, in order to minimise our impact on the environment. We live by an environmental and social sustainability policy that underscores our commitment to managing a sustainable business as an integral component of our responsible governance.

We are committed to comply with, and exceed where practicable, all applicable legislation, regulations and code of practice. As we undertake all business decisions, we look to integrate sustainability considerations into the outcomes as well as our processes and procedures. Making our approach a team effort, we ensure that all staff are fully onboard with fulfilling our sustainability policy.

A few examples of how we incorporate our policy into our day-to-day operations include:

  • Avoiding physical travel to meetings when acceptable alternatives exist, such as video conferencing
  • Using public transport in all but exceptional circumstances
  • Minimise our use of all printed materials, with a digital-first approach to share documentation/files with our clients
  • Identifying and creating opportunities to continue to reduce waste
  • Target recyclables – from paper to toner cartridges to light bulbs etc. – wherever and whenever possible.

As a good corporate citizen, Living looks to support and promote suitable social and environmental programs beneficial to the communities where we work and live.