GIB Asset Management

A force for better


GIB Asset Management is a highly esteemed firm with a rich heritage that provides an international perspective and is attuned to cultural sensitivities and sustainability. They determined that it was time to elevate their brand expression and messaging to align with their commitment to sustainability and attract a broader audience.

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More thoughtful development was required to help bridge the ‘brand gap’ and provide a unique brand position relative to competitors. The firm sought a more distinctive and consistent messaging suite, refreshed visual brand, and a redesigned website to reflect their core values and expertise.

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To address the challenge, our team conducted a thorough review of GIB Asset Management's digital state and competitive landscape, employing the Living Ratings™ methodology.

We crafted a comprehensive messaging suite, including a proposition statement, elevator pitch, Google descriptor, and brand values.

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Inspired by the dynamic angles in the logo symbolising a unique perspective on the financial landscape, we developed two creative concepts, introducing ascending patterns derived from the logo's angles. These patterns served as key design elements, offering flexibility and adaptability across various applications.

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The revitalised GIB Asset Management brand now embodies a core firm value – a powerful force for positive change – and provides the flexibility to turn the dial from subtle to impactful. The visual identity comes to life through distinctive patterns and animation inspired by the angle in the logo, while the new messaging suite communicates the firm's values clearly, positioning GIB Asset Management as a thought leader in sustainable asset management.

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Featuring enhanced information architecture, the dynamic new website engages users with impactful designs and interactions, providing a more relevant online presence. Overall, the transformation supports GIB Asset Management's growth, longevity, and heightened awareness in the global market.

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