Digital diagnostic

Digital diagnostic

Evidence-based insight to enhance your digital presence.
Your website is a significant investment of your budget and your time – and your brand reputation. It’s the front door to your firm, so you need a truly engaging portal to usher your all-important prospects and clients into a digital experience that brings your brand to life and differentiates you from your competitors.

Often the first step to success is to undertake a comprehensive digital diagnostic. Whether you need an evolution to keep pace with your competitors, or a revolution to implement tactical changes (wholesale or incremental), our bespoke report is the logical first step on the journey to improve your brand and digital intelligence, empowering you with objective evidence and a clear strategy.

The deeper dive
Underpinned by Living Ratings, our proprietary research, we undertake a comprehensive review of your website, digital brand and social media channels to identify shortfalls and gaps, recommending the steps required to reach the full potential of your digital intelligence.

Our report will show you how to balance the effectiveness of your digital Engagement (functionality) and your online Evidence (content). With a keen understanding of the personas of your audiences, we will deliver actionable analysis. Below are some of the key areas that it covers:

Engagement: review of functionality

Analysis of how your site performs against a set of proven benchmarks.

Evidence: review of content

Review of your digital content to ensure that any future-generated content receives the maximum exposure with your target audience.


Testing of the user experience and information architecture to see if it’s truly client-centric.

Social media

Review of your social media channels to see if your social media strategy aligns with your content strategy.

CMS platform

Review of your CMS platform to ensure it is the right fit for your purpose and goals.

Implementation plan

Actionable recommendations to enable you to implement enhancements and corrections in line with best practice.

Actionable recommendations and results
Just as every client engagement is bespoke, your report will be customised with current ratings, benchmarked against sector leaders and your key competitors. Driven by your needs and brief, the report covers everything from the advantages of smart SEO and the articulation of brand values, to amplifying the human connectivity of your firm. Your bespoke digital diagnostic provides you with evidence to change and the steps you need to take to implement best practice.

If you would like a diagnostic for your firm's digital presence, please contact Duncan Shaw in New York, Greg Hobden in London or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.

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