Digital diagnostic

The web doctor will see you now

The pressure is on – nothing stands still in digital. A strive for ‘mobile-first’ and audiences demanding ‘enabling’ content in a format that they want, when they want it and how they want to consume it, has meant firms have had to adapt or in some cases completely relearn what they previously knew about digital marketing. The days of ‘publish it and they will come’ no longer rings true, audiences need to be engaged, fulfilled and not overtly sold to. 

Literally no stone left unturned

At Living, we frequently work with our clients to undertake a comprehensive ‘what’s under the hood’ diagnostic of their digital footprint.

Our rigorous analysis has been developed to identify the most pressing user experience, functionality, content and SEO issues. It has also helped plan time and content assets – and control costs – when it comes to transforming a website, an entire digital strategy and ecosystem or ‘just’ migrating to a new CMS.

We like to describe our diagnostic like repairing a car on the hard shoulder of a busy highway: you want to get going as soon as possible – to keep up with the fast-moving traffic – but before you can move on you need check under the hood, identify the problem and make a plan to fix it for the long term.

Driving digital success

We’ve done more than just getting our clients moving again. As well as providing specialist knowledge and insights for the immediate fixes or long-term goals, we’ve challenged our clients by asking often difficult, thought-provoking questions. Our meticulous approach has been key to developing new end-to-end digital strategies, optimization of assets that have delivered greater ROI, reassured critical internal stakeholders... and brought digital communications back to full health or be intrinsic in elevating them to the front of the pack.

Whether our diagnostic ignites a time for celebration or even commiseration, most importantly the output facilitates discussion to drive internal investment for digital success or raised the fact that a digital presence is not fit-for-purpose to the boardroom.

If you would like a diagnostic for your firm's digital presence, please contact Greg Hobden in London, Duncan Shaw in New York or Gigi Yung in Hong Kong.