Kasowitz Benson Torres

Revolutionizing a brand at the sharp edge of the law


Established in 1993, Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP has carved a reputation for being creative and aggressive litigators who work to achieve their clients’ goals by employing an ardent philosophy to always be ready for trial, to meticulously negotiate every action, and to do so in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our aim was to create a cut-through brand that was as creative, aggressive and relentless as the lawyers that give the firm its distinct and powerful edge.

Kasowitz Logo Before After Master


After conducting an extensive discovery activity with partners, associates and marketing teams in North America we established a clear strategic direction for the brand which consciously moved into a more challenging territory leveraging the creative, dynamic nature of the firm. 


We designed an identity with an edge. Unapologetically bold and uncompromisingly assertive, the Kasowitz brand thrives in a black and white world of provocative conceptual photography, precision cut graphics and strong typography. Shocks of colour help guide users through a more immersive digital experience, bringing the firm’s ethos to life through a series of short films that project an honest and compelling image of the firm.



Kasowitz’s bold brand transformation is testament to a firm that is not afraid to be different and stand out. Their online presence is as forceful as their trial ready mindset, with the Kasowitz story told through a series of captivating short films. The firm's visual identity has set a new standard for law firms to catch up with, winning over 20 industry awards since launch.

To see the Kasowitz brand in action visit http://www.kasowitz.com/


"The website is AMAZING – truly one of the best, if not THE best law firm website out there right now."

Emily M. Thall, Director of Business Development and Marketing