Cork Gully

Agile thinking for a changing world


Cork Gully is a London-based advisory practice, delivering restructuring, recovery, and insolvency services to clients around the world. Founded in 1906, the firm has had a long and proud heritage, providing a strong reputational platform for its brand. Working closely with Cork Gully we embarked on creating a brand to reflect Cork Gully’s business today and their vision for the future.

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The rebrand emphasised Cork Gully’s sophistication, as characterised by the attributes of its people, namely: intelligence, agility, and entrepreneurialism. Alongside the visual identity, we crafted a succinct, bold new brand positioning that reflected Cork Gully; specialists who are highly skilled, diligent and precise, excelling in challenging and extremely stressed scenarios.

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This messaging features prominently across Cork Gully’s full suite of marketing materials, including their brand animation which brought their visual identity and messaging to life.

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Working collaboratively, we created a stylish and confident brand that includes a new logo type, distinctive in its elegance, with characterful and crafted aspects to the letterforms, capturing the firm’s attention to detail, sharp thinking and precise nature. The colour palette offers a range of deep tones and brighter accent hues, representing both sophistication and entrepreneurialism.

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As part of the rebrand, we also defined a new image style to evoke Cork Gully’s expertise through imagery that conveys agility, precision and skill. This style also comes to life in a set of graphic assets inspired by the intersecting point of the K in Cork, highlighting the critical moment Cork Gully enters into a project.

Our deliverables spanned a wide range of touchpoints and business-critical materials across digital and marketing collateral. The end result was a consistent and cohesive brand experience, from bold, striking reports and proposals to their fresh, elegant new website.

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