Christ Church Primary School

Revolutionising a school brand to become a beacon of energy, positive learning and inclusion in the community.


After two years of continued improvement in its administration, the time had arrived for Christ Church Primary to reinvent its brand image. Our challenge was to help attract broader pupil demographic from the local community to the school and boost its desire to be perceived as a dynamic, progressive and family orientated school that values the individuality of its pupils.

This project was undertaken on a pro bono basis as part of our ongoing sustainability program, where we actively support local schools in London.



We started by getting out into the community, absorbing all the textures, forms and colours that presented themselves to us in one of London’s most creative and colourful boroughs. This inspiration drove the creation of a playful, highly versatile geometric design system which flexes and morphs to form the word marque, illustrations and narrative graphics throughout this energetic visual identity.


We worked closely with teachers, parents and governors to ensure that diversity and inclusion were appropriately represented in the brand whilst creating a fun and captivating visual language and supporting values that provided flexibility and consistency across broad collateral.



With its exciting brand image now in place, Christ Church Primary now stands proud as a progressive centre of education in the community. Offering children a richer learning experience in a supportive and inspiring environment.

The new brand has gone on to win best 'Brand Development to Reflect a Changed Positioning' and 'Best Visual Identity from the Education Sector' at the Transform Europe Awards 2016, plus picked up a Silver Corporate Engagement Award 2016 for best pro bono work for a charitable, social or ethical cause.



"The first thing that I did when I got into work this morning was to have a look at the mural!. After Saturday I couldn't wait! It looks absolutely fantastic. It really is so vibrant, fun, creative and really lifts the whole area."

Julian Morant, Headmaster, Christ Church Primary School.