Broadridge VSM

A meeting of minds for a leading fintech firm


The elimination of in-person events in 2020 became one of the many challenges that gave rise to the urgent need for online solutions. Answering this imperative, Broadridge, a pioneer in the use of virtual technology for public company annual meetings for over 10 years, hosted nearly 2,000 Virtual Shareholder Meetings (VSMs) on their proprietary platform by year-end.

Not resting on this success, Broadridge then set about developing, launching and promoting a new modular and customisable Virtual Shareholder Meeting platform in 2021 that seamlessly connects issuers and shareholders.

Broadridge Vsm 4


Broadridge turned to Living to help tell its leadership story and promote the ongoing advancements the firm had made to enhancing the experience for its target audiences on “both sides of the screen.”

With the theme of “A Meeting of Minds”, we created a benefits-focused campaign strategy, supported by smart messaging and copywriting using the firm's tone of voice that emphasised the enhanced connection of shareholders and issuers through Broadridge’s innovative technologies.

Broadridge Vsm 6

Our campaign strategy was then realised by a campaign style using Broadridge's visual identity that utilised a bespoke 16:9 dimension graphic at its heart. This device represented the virtual world where these meetings take place, the online environment we’ve all grown accustomed to this past year. We then brought the campaign brand to life across an array of creative: from digital advertising and animated film to sales support material and the design of a dedicated website landing page.


By spotlighting the innovation, utility and client-focus inherent in Broadridge’s VSM platform, our overall campaign strategy and creative approach serves to highlight the value of working with Broadridge as the right partner for digital transformation in these challenging times.

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