Engaging customers in a digital world


As a global fintech leader with $5 billion in revenues, Broadridge Financial Solutions is helping to drive digital transformation for banks, broker-dealers, asset and wealth managers and public companies. One of the ways they do this is through proprietary research, including their annual CX and Communications Insights – a flagship report for the firm.

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The research behind Broadridge’s annual CX Survey breaks down current trends on consumer experience and communications. The findings are invaluable for companies looking to grow revenues as they reimagine their comms messaging and channels, accelerate the print-to-digital transformation, and strive to better satisfy consumer expectations.

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Broadridge turned our team to help tell this story to their B2B clients, who eagerly await the insights from each year’s survey. Our involvement started with our client strategy team taking Broadridge’s raw survey data, from nearly 200 questions, and developing what we saw as the key themes – which became the very foundation of the 2022 report.

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As our strategy team collaborated with the Broadridge survey team on topics and the online questionnaire, our designers began their exploration of possible styles for the overall report, working with Broadridge to establish an agreed digital-first style ahead of getting the survey results.

To give the data some personality, we introduced the use of dots and icons, that could visually underscore Broadridge’s mission to help clients on their journey to digital transformation.

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In addition to the report being available as a downloadable pdf, it would be presented as an interactive report in a Ceros environment on the Broadridge website. So, we focused on design that would accommodate motion and animation.

At the same time, we executed a design that would allow for chunks of data to be chopped up into bite-sized segments for use in emails, across social media and in digital advertising. In writing the content and messaging within the report, we applied a tone of voice that was concise, confident, and persuasive.

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The Broadridge’s Customer Communications team was not only delighted by the fresh and innovative experience of working with the Living team, but they were also thrilled with the results.

Within the six weeks of the report’s launch, which included a live webinar, campaign landing page, and social media campaign, there were hundred downloads and numerous leads. Broadridge is successfully engaging their target audiences in a digital world.

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