State Street Global Advisors

Raising the bar for SSGA’s flagship Defined Contribution communications

The challenge

After rebranding, State Street Global Advisors found themselves in a situation where their two flagship thought leadership publications, Contribute (UK) and Participant (US) were in need of a total redesign to bring them in line with the broader brand collateral system, and show them as sibling publications - each with their own individual personality.


The solution

We analysed the new brand standards guideline, and developed a design approach which sat comfortably with the literature design system, but which also allowed Contribute and Participant to maintain a more dynamic magazine that connects strongly with the established readership and capture the attention of new readers.


Our design solution gave new life to both publications by allowing them the freedom to be more visually creative by using brand illustrations, infographics, narrative photography and approaching editorial layout in a way that would engage readers while simultaneously delivering content in a more captivating way.


The result

Both publications now share an enthusiasm for creative evolution which in turn is yielding positive feedback and engagement from the international readership. SSGA’s sales team have also adopted both Participant and Contribute as primary sales devices and regularly report that the respective magazines are key tools in increasing opportunities for SSGA’s Defined Contribution offering.

The Participant magazine recently won a silver award for 'Best B2B Direct Mail' at the Financial Communication Portfolio Awards in New York.