Halebury. Transforming law

Halebury. Transforming law

The challenge

Halebury is an innovative law firm that specialises in providing lawyers and senior legal expertise, by the hour or as part of an in-house team, to clients across the world, from large corporates through to fast-growing startups. Our team's core challenge was to create a brand that captured the true essence of Halebury and turned their forward-looking offer into a compelling and engaging external value proposition and supporting visual identity.


The solution

At the heart of Halebury's new positioning is the brand promise 'Transforming law'. Created by our team, this represents both the high quality consultancy Halebury delivers and the way the firm is disrupting the traditional way of buying legal services. The brand promise is supported by a firm-wide proposition, as well as positioning statements for their lawyer resourcing and in-house consulting offers.


The carefully crafted accompanying visual identity is spearheaded by a logo that emphasises their agile and transformative way of working with clients and helping them to build their businesses – cleverly incorporated in to the 'H' of Halebury. Typography, colours and images were then selected to further support the concept, creating an approach that is not afraid to be different in the 'corporate soup' of legal brands. Transforming law in many ways.


The result

Halebury has launched its new brand to positive acclaim from both their external and internal target audiences, with 'Transforming Law' spearheading their new business and marketing activities globally.

Halebury's brand and marketing was so effective that in 2019 the firm was acquired by Elevate, a global law firm consulting and technology specialist.