A new kind of environmental search report


Groundsure, a leading UK environmental search company, recognised the need to launch the most comprehensive residential environmental search report on the market – a report that gives easier access to property specific and relevant data including planning. It also delivers a clear explanation of any risks and next steps for the solicitor, conveyancer and homebuyer. 

Our challenge was to create a new product name and identity that needed to be distinctive and different from competitor products, but still aligned to the Groundsure brand proposition.



We started with the strategy and explored and refined the articulation of the product benefits via research, interviews with key internal and external stakeholders and a series of workshops. This resulted in insight and understanding that informed the product positioning, naming ideas and brand messaging. 

Given that the new report was going to provide the widest and deepest search results in the market, the name ‘Avista’ was selected from our shortlist.


Once the name was agreed we created a logo and supporting visual identity that clearly illustrates the product benefits and would also be easily understood by the target audience. The illustrations represent elements of risk or issues that are unforeseen and overlay photographs of rural or urban landscapes. The connecting nodes links the look and feel across different communications and visually represents the search capability and deeper insight of Groundsure Avista.



A new product that stands out from the competition. The shorter style and clear design and navigation of the Avista Report with a snapshot of outcomes and next steps for further investigation has received some fantastic feedback from the target audience to the delight of Groundsure.