Your brand needs you now more than ever 24 November 2016

We are living through challenging times. The UK decided to leave its EU partners and go it alone, news of a hard Brexit impacted the Pound, and currency wobbles and the interconnected nature of trade means the ripples of uncertainty reach right around the globe.

In Asia, China’s economic slow down continues amid the tricky task of moving from manufacturing led growth to a service economy, the effect of US interest rates on Asian markets is unknown and the possible impact of Trump in The White House is worryingly incalculable.

Like it or not, we are witnessing economic and political uncertainty both locally and globally.

In times of uncertainty, when it to comes to selecting a partner to do business with your clients will be looking for clarity and reassurance. Confronted by a sea of noise they will look for businesses who stand out and who are clear about what they can do for them.

So, in times of uncertainty it’s more important than ever to be certain about what you brand stands for and how you can make a difference to your clients’ businesses. You can’t control the forces of economic and political uncertainty, but you can control your brand; what it stands for, why it matters and whom it matters to.

Equity in your brand is built through consistent delivery of your brand promise over the long term. The payback for the on-going brand effort is improved consumer trust, greater commitment to your brand and most importantly even greater loyalty.

Within uncertainty there is always opportunity, and with a focus on your brand you can ensure that you are well placed to make the best of it.

Here are a few of our thoughts on what we think organisations need to focus on now:

1. Be certain about what makes you different

It’s harder than ever to stand out from competitors. In times of uncertainty people will gravitate towards businesses that provide clarity and are compelling about what makes them unique. If you are no different from your competitors then you are just selling the same thing as everybody else and can be perceived as just another commodity. 

2. Demonstrate your value

Remember to explain what value you bring to your customers and clients. By understanding the value you create for your clients, you can demonstrate the benefits of working with you and confidently charge a premium for it.

3. Keep front of mind

Companies who cut back brand investment in times of adversity end up damaging their most valuable asset - their brand. Being brave and increasing brand amplification will get you noticed, being creative in your messaging will help you standout. Ensuring that you make the best use of all the relevant channels of communication will keep you front of mind.

4. Understand your clients needs

Demonstrating to your clients that you understand and empathise with their challenges is integral to showing clients that you are here to support and partner with them in helping to achieve their aims and objectives.

The future may be uncertain, but past experience tells us that maintaining investment in your brand and continued engagement with your target audiences will help you stand out and successfully navigate any challenges ahead.

Creating difference

At Living we help businesses to drive performance with strategic thinking, brand creation and cut-through messaging, we fuse these key elements together to create highly effective results.

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