Why you need wise sector specialists more than ever 06 January 2017

We are often asked why should I chose a sector specialist brand, digital or advertising agency? Well, with tightening budgets, increased pressure to succeed, there is no room for error – it means that now more than ever you need a trusted specialist partner to help you succeed. 

Added to this, 2017 sees us all operating in an uncertain and volatile business climate, where marketing spend is scrutinised more than ever. Investing in your brand or communications now means that every penny or dime is counted, only positive results are expected and mistakes or ‘post-truths’ will not be tolerated!

Here are 4 reasons we think marketeers should chose a sector-specialist agency: 

1. They get it right first time

Using unique insights from your sector - specialists get to the right answer with no false starts. There is no painful and drawn out learning process and the knowledge of what has worked successfully in your sector means that they deliver what will work first time.

2. They talk your language

Working in the sector means they don’t just understand the space but also the minutia of the language too. They speak the same lingo as your senior stakeholders and understand the acronyms. This builds confidence in the project amongst your team and most importantly, it makes you look good!

3. There's deeper knowledge

Specialists bring a deeper understanding of your challenge based on both where others may have gone wrong as well as where they went right. With years of experience in solving similar problems, up to date as well as historical market knowledge they get to a deeper more intuitive understanding of your strategy and therefore deliver better results.

4. You get the best of both worlds

Engaging with external consultants means you get a refreshing outside-in insights, but when you engage with specialists you also get knowledge from deep inside your sector too. In effect it’s the best of both worlds – an outside and inside perspective that can deliver powerful insights to really help you stand out.

Living Ratings, our evidence based analysis and benchmarking of the communications of leading financial, professional services and technology firms across the globe, is a great example of how sector knowledge can be turned into something valuable.


Engaging with a specialist is a no brainer, but are there any negatives?

Naturally we don’t think there are, but here are some of the challenges we have had put to us around being a specialist:

Don’t you just deliver what you delivered to someone else?

In our experience, specialists don’t deliver cookie cutter solutions but use their deep and wide experience to cut to the quick and deliver unique and relevant understanding. We are too proud of our hard won reputation to work in that way and we certainly would not have survived as an multi award-winning specialist in a crowded space by delivering second hand ideas.

What about conflicts of interest?

Most perceived conflicts are solved by appropriate non-disclosure agreements and robust contracts. For genuine cases of potential conflict, we bring experience of creating separate teams and robust Chinese walls.

Why do I need a specialist at all?  

We like to think of this challenge as a medical analogy: if you need your knee fixing you want to talk to a knee specialist rather than a general consultant, because specialists are the people who will get you up and about the fastest.

So, choose a wise specialist

In tough business times like these strong performance is key. Not just in the day to day business but in delivering brand, communications and marketing too. There is little sympathy for getting it wrong and no time for second attempts. Getting relevant specialist help will help deliver deeper thinking, robust solutions and the right answers first time. 

Creating difference

At Living we help businesses to drive performance with strategic thinking, brand creation and cut-through messaging, we fuse these key elements together to create highly effective results.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Greg Hobden in London, Aliena Lai in Hong Kong, or Kate Shaw in New York.