Where do big ideas come from? Good question… 19 September 2012

If only life in a creative design and communications agency was as cliché-ridden as some would have you believe with big ideas springing fully formed from the minds and pens of trendy creative types at a moments notice. 



Sure we brainstorm stuff, yes, there’s the occasional “Eureka!” moment and of course lying in the bath has its uses beyond relaxation and personal hygiene. We’re sorry to shatter any illusions, when it comes to creating memorable and meaningful financial communications there’s no smoke and mirrors, no magic and definitely no mystery. Great ideas come from asking good questions. As someone once said; “Interrogate your product until it confesses to its strengths”.

In Living’s Discovery Phase, which takes place at the start of any project, large or small, we’re more like detectives than designers - pounding the streets, meeting people, pushing the phones and asking thought-provoking questions. It’s this in-depth Discovery Phase and its key output, the design or communications brief, that has helped us create many truly differentiated brands, campaigns or digital solutions for some of the world’s leading financial and professional services firms.

And although our creative solutions always create stand out and engage, for the client team at Living this Discovery Phase is often the most exciting part of any project. This is because it offers us an opportunity to be curious, be nosey, to poke our noses into someone else’s business for a change, and ask both the simple and the difficult questions. Why do you...? How is it that...? Who is your...? Where can I find your...? What do you mean by...?”.

And as specialists in the financial, professional services, property and technology sectors our questions are better informed and we certainly understand the answers.

It’s the answers that drive what we do – integrated communications. We don’t make anything up; our strategies are drawn from client requirements; designs are rooted in clients’ brands; our copywriters base what they do on hard evidence. In fact it could be said, without false modesty, that our clients have all the good ideas – we simply help to bring them to life, we tease them out or uncover them so they see the light of day.

Sooner or later, from out of one of these conversations in our Discovery Phase, a tiny but shiny nugget of information will spring up and inspire a whole new way of looking at a problem. And, yes it can be a truly amazing fact or it can be something so simple you ask yourself why you haven’t said it before.

And that’s what Living’s Discovery Phase is all about and why it is at the heart of everything we do – creating enduring ideas based on truth and reality.

If you’d like to discuss how our creative process could help your business please contact Abigail Vyner (+44 20 7739 8899) in London or Melanie Osborne (+852 3711 3100) in Hong Kong.