Threats, opportunities & trends in wealth management 11 October 2013

ClearView Financial Media, the publisher of leading publications for the wealth and asset management industries, hosted their latest WealthMatters conference – investigating the future of wealth management. 



The morning event was filled with an abundance of networking opportunities with the almost 400 attendees. The conference programme featured keynote speeches and panel discussions of which I attended three one hour sessions: Strategy Q&A, Is Smart-Beta the New Paradigm? And Direct and Indirect Consequences of Fed Tapering and Implications for ETF Investors.

The first panel discussion was the most dynamic, with a lively, interactive debate between five panelists and the audience who discussed the impact of regulation on the wealth management industry. Topics included: RDR and the challenges for advisers and providers who were capitalising on technology-based investment platforms such as Nutmeg and peer-to-peer lenders. The consensus of the session was that both full service providers as well as specialists have their place in the market, catering different clients with extremely different levels of wealth, ranging from a few hundred pounds to invest up to minimum investment thresholds of £25m.

The smart beta session discussed the differences of active vs. passive investment management. State Street Global Advisors took the discussion to the next level with their presentation on ETFs, which was focused on the different levels of risk attached to these products, which provided useful advice to asset and wealth managers on how to manage passive investment portfolios, with a particular view on using State Street's SPDR ETF products; a website that was designed and built by Living Group. 

Overall another insightful event from Clearview Media.

Susanna Robinson, Account Director