My First Week as a Creative Pioneer 05 September 2014

After weeks of applying, selection and recruitment, the day had finally arrived.  My first day as a Creative Pioneer at Living Group!  The ‘first day of school’ feelings thankfully subsided by lunch, and by after my first campaign briefing I was feeling right at home.



As a Team Apprentice for the Client Team I will be working across a number of campaigns and gaining exposure to a range of clients – something that I have already got stuck into! This week I have been preparing estimates, proofreading copy and working on a rebrand of a website – absolutely no tea making involved!
Having always been in a love affair with marketing and advertising, I really wanted to work in an agency and learn from the ground up. As each day passes I am learning more and more about agency structure and how each function fits into delivering results for the client.
After finishing my first week I can safely say that hard work, passion and expert knowledge are things that are high on the agenda. Learning best practice from colleagues is something that I am already benefitting from and thoroughly enjoying.  I am looking forward to completing my 12 months as a Creative Pioneer and officially becoming an agency aficionado.