Life as a Creative Pioneer – Month One 07 October 2014

As I’ve now completed a month as a Creative Pioneer, I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on my first months foray into the world of Living!

In the true sense of an integrated agency, I have spent my first month getting involved across all departments, supporting a wide range of projects.  From assisting the Digital team with website builds to resource planning with HR, I have been learning first hand what the ecology of an integrated agency looks like.




From digital to print, to business card or brochure, the Client Services team are trusty guardian to a wide range of projects and are responsible for implementing the flawless execution of campaigns.  The variety, scope and scale of the projects that the team undertake was totally unexpected and has opened my eyes to the breadth of work that agencies do.

From my first few weeks I have already learnt the golden rule of a successful Project Manager: organisation is key.  Scoping, estimating and regular progress updates are three things that I have learnt are key to delivering a great project. Shadowing colleagues and sitting in on briefings has helped me to understand how projects are handled from start to finish.  

The latter end of my first month saw me out of the office, and into the big wide world to aid my learning in two very different ways. First up was a trip to one of Living’s fantastic suppliers to see the printing process in action: TFW Printers. I could soon tell my Litho from my Digital, RGB from CMYK and that GSM isn’t just something that came before 4G.  Secondly was a night at the National Apprenticeship awards at London’s prestigious City Hall.  Living Group were nominated for Newcomer Employer of the Year and successfully bagged a ‘Highly Commended’ award - go Living! With a guest appearance from Boris Johnson, it was a great night to champion the benefits of Apprenticeships and their impacts on the workplace.

Insightful, inspiring and unexpected are three words that I would use to describe my first month at Living, alongside a few new agency jargon terms picked up along the way – ‘Call to Action’ anyone? Buzzwords aside, the amount I have learnt so far really has been unprecedented.

Next month is set to be even brighter, with inductions planned with our in-house web developers and Digital team. Learning about web design and how a site/application is built is something that I’m really looking forward to learning – I’ll be coding in no time!

Kieran Haddock, Team Assistant