Life as a Creative Pioneer – month one 15 October 2013

This week marks the end of my first month as an apprentice at Living Group not to mention my first month of working full time.



Having just left school after completing my A-Levels, I was quite apprehensive about starting work in a professional environment; however, I have been so lucky to start here! Living has a really relaxed and social environment so it has made it really easy to get to know the team.

Everyone at Living has really taken time to make me feel welcome and go through things with me. I have learnt so much in my first month. I now have insight into the world of financial and professional services and a better understanding of the UK media landscape.

One of the most interesting experiences was the Wealth Breakfast event Living hosted in association with FT publication Professional Wealth Management. The day gave me an understanding of how networking and media events are organised, as well as giving me greater knowledge of the wealth management industry.

Additionally, the event helped me to understand the impact social media has due to the number of professionals using it as a news source. I also gained understanding of post-event activity; including following up with attendees.

Apart from the 6:30am starts and running for the train, which were a bit of a shock to the system after 3 months off, I am really enjoying working with the team and am gaining so much knowledge and experience. Since starting, I have been given so many opportunities to learn, from observing new business meetings, attending media events, to writing copy for both Living’s and our clients’ websites.  

These opportunities have provided me with so much insight into both PR and working full time. Without Living Group and the Creative Pioneers Challenge I don’t think I would ever have had the chance to gain these experiences as a school leaver.

Over the next few months, I am looking forward learning more about PR and gaining more experiences. I am also hoping to explore Shoreditch a lot more, as there is so much on offer in the area. 

Chloe Ward, Team Assistant