Life as a Creative Pioneer - Month Four 23 December 2014

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” - Maya Angelou



December has been my busiest and most varied month so far at Living. The past few weeks have seen me step into creative, strategy, client services and digital roles, keeping me busy across all parts of the agency.

Keeping abreast over a number of projects with varying deadlines has given me the chance to put my organisation skills to the test, and experience first-hand what goes into delivering a project in a short timeframe.

My favourite part of the month has been getting further acquainted with the digital processes in the agency. My first port of call in the digital department was to send out an email campaign for a hedge fund client. From initially loading, testing and validating the campaign, I was amazed by the sheer capacity of the software and its versatile functionality.  Bespoke settings can be applied to each email that is to be sent– perfect when working across different campaigns and clients. 

Later in the week it was time to analyse the email campaign to see if the fruits of our labour has paid off – in the form of some website hits.

From click though stats and bounce rates, to audience overviews and demographics, Google Analytics provides digestible figures from website visitors that help provide insight into the specifics of what users are getting up to online.

Location, language and even operating system of website visitors can be analysed online.  Better yet, data can be pulled and segmented, enabling isolated sets of user data to be analysed and compared with ease, enabling clients to get the most from their data.

January is set to be even more fruitful with projects in copywriting, marketing and branding on the agenda. Bring it on!


Kieran Haddock, Team Assistant