Life as a Creative Pioneer - Month Five 18 February 2015

As 2014 becomes more of a distant memory, and the new year has been officially ushered in, it must be time for my first post of the 2015 as a Creative Pioneer!



The usual post festive trudge of January has been far from melancholic, as I experienced my busiest and liveliest month so far at Living Group to date.

My time spent with Livings’ digital teams this month has been an exciting period, as I helped push a website ‘live’ and got involved with all testing and optimising duties.

 Shadowing our Senior Digital Project Manager, Jess, I learnt how to reach that all-important final sign off stage and what really goes into delivering a full scale digital project.

 I learnt that a successful project combines an intelligent implementation of the strategic plan, close control of the execution, good communication with the client and other parties and excellent problem solving skills. Working with Jess has been extremely valuable to my development and has taught me the importance of attention to detail and strong client relationships.

 I also ventured out of the office and into the local community this month, as I accompanied our Creative Director on a trip to galvanise a class of school children into the world of branding and communications. The East London charity Inspire! helps connect young people aged 5-21 with the various different job roles in the workplace by a mixture of talks, practical workshops and group demonstrations.

From a local Shoreditch school, an eager class of twenty-five Year 5 students were put into teams, and were tasked with producing a brand, logo, slogan and poster for a fictitious calendar company.

 In true Shoreditch style, one of the teams came up with the calendar brand: The Big Moustache Company, where pictures of moustaches continue to grow in size until the final month of the year, where the owners are treated to Santa Claus, sporting a hilariously oversized handlebar moustache.  Showing some promising business initiative, the team of schoolgirls already had copyright measures in the pipeline, so the idea couldn’t be pinched by anyone– clever work girls! 

I am loving my time so far at Living Group and thoroughly enjoy working across its Client Services, Creative, Digital and Marketing teams. February is set to be even more propitious, as I continue to work on campaigns that translate to meaningful results for our clients’ businesses.


Kieran Haddock, Creative Pioneer