Life as a Creative Pioneer - month five 10 February 2014

Over the last few months I have become more involved in working across the teams at Living. The integrated approach is making more and more sense as time goes on. However, as my focus is on PR, I have had to get up to speed with the financial and professional services landscapes.



Last month was heavily focused on media relations, with the imminent launch of a campaign we are managing for a high profile financial services client. The first stage of the project involved core press office activities including: creating UK, Asian and Turkish press lists; some with the help of the media database Gorkana, together with utilising existing relationships that Living has established with a number of publications and journalists. It was really encouraging to see how easy it has been to create the UK press list, it has really made me realise how much I have learnt about the media landscape since starting. However, the Turkish list was more of a challenge as it was a totally new geography for me. With the help of Google translate I spent time evaluating entirely unknown publications in order to gain insights into their reporting angles, focus and relevance to our client and their target audiences. Identifying the most relevant journalists within the publications and all of their contact details was probably the most challenging part of this task.

The next task on our ‘to-do’ list was to distribute an invitation to the launch event to the journalist database and follow up with a phone call to gauge interest and attendance. Living’s good relationships with so many of the trade and institutional press really helped me when calling journalists – they are always willing to listen and help. I have also realised how these relationships have really benefitted our clients when it comes to commentary opportunities, for which they seem to be considered for on a daily basis at the moment.

We now have a number of confirmed attendees at the event but the ring around goes on! The next steps will see me connect with all of the invitees on Twitter and start the teaser campaign which we have developed in order to drive further interest and gain momentum for the launch in the media.

From my time at Living so far, I have realised the importance of having a comms plan in place. The plans map out the opportunities for the months ahead and put everyone in a strong position to understand the bigger picture. It has been these plans that have helped me to understand the opportunities available to our clients and to make sense of the tasks involved.

Next month I will report on research projects, best practice in professional services comms and the results of our press launch. 

Chloe Ward, Team Assistant