Is your website optimised for mobile and Google’s new algorithm? 21 April 2015

Today, Google launched their latest update - a mobile friendly algorithm. The new algorithm is set to have a significant impact on search results from mobile.

We wanted to share the key benefits of going mobile so we spoke to our Lead F/E Developer Usman Afzal.



So, what is Google’s latest update?

Google will revamp their search algorithm to favour mobile-friendly sites in their search results and display more relevant app content.

Why is it so important for a website to be mobile-friendly?

Mobile comprised nearly half of all traffic to Google between June and November 2014, according to marketing firm Clickz – you really are missing out on a huge audience by not having a mobile-friendly site.

The Living Group website is mobile friendly and in the last six months views of our website from mobile or tablet have risen by 300%.

What are the key benefits of having a mobile-friendly site?

Having a mobile friendly site really gives you a competitive advantage - it allows for improved user experience, faster download speed and improved search/SEO performance.

It also increases engagement with your brand as an ever-growing mobile audience now has access to your content.  

Moreover, developing a mobile site is more flexible and cost-effective than app development.

How do I know my site is mobile-friendly and how can I make my website mobile-friendly?

You can run your website through this mobile friendly tool or search for your site on Google and see if it displays the mobile friendly label.

In order to make your website mobile-friendly you can use the tips that the tool provides in the results or even better, ensure that your website is responsive.