Industry awards. The ultimate distinction or a big distraction? 23 May 2014

“It is now unusual to see an award entry that has NOT been through the hands of a professional copywriter or designer”.



Not the words of a design agency pitching for new work but those of a leading legal magazine in the awards section of its website.

Winning awards is a high priority for any firm. Having one’s achievements recognised by a panel of respected industry experts or potential clients, provides numerous marketing and PR opportunities. The credibility that comes from a place on a shortlist of finalists cannot be underrated either. However, for many clients, preparing a clear, coherent and effective award entry that fulfils all the relevant criteria can be time-consuming and a distraction from their day job.

Nick Smith, Living’s resident copywriter comments, “All our clients have amazing stories to tell and impressive case studies to showcase. A successful award entry is one that uses few words and a little design to get them noticed, read and understood in as little time as possible. Less is definitely more.”

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