Getting your website fighting fit 23 January 2018

Writing a prescription for digital effectiveness.

This winter, the UK is experiencing its worst flu season in years. Aussie flu, Japanese flu and good old Man flu have had us flocking to our GPs who are now managing what looks like an epidemic. So, as you sit propped-up in bed, paracetamol in hand, you might have time to consider what needs a health check in your professional life. How, for instance, is your website standing up to relentless competitive pressure? The answer lies in a dose of diagnostic medicine...

To compete, optimise

Your corporate website is your prime shop window. And today, ever-tightening budgets and pressure to justify ROI has marketers scrabbling to optimise their web performance. This, in turn, opens up all sorts of issues. Does your SEO strategy need an overhaul? Could improved user experience increase your conversion rate? Is your website even speaking the right brand language?

Web projects are often dictated to by top-down internal pressures, not least the pressure to look good. This results in glossy new sites that tick aesthetic boxes but don’t always help marketers achieve their goals of engaging target audiences to drive new business. We can help you change all that.

The web doctor will see you now

Here at Living, we’ve worked with our clients to undertake full digital diagnostics.

This rigorous analysis is designed to identify their most pressing online issues. It can also help plan time and assets – and control costs – when it comes to migrating to a new CMS, transforming a website or an entire digital strategy.

Think of it as a little like repairing a car on the hard shoulder: you want to get going as soon as possible – to keep up with the fast-moving traffic – but before you can move off you need lift the bonnet, identify the problem and make a plan to fix it for the long term.

We’re here to do more than just get you moving again. As well as providing specialist knowledge and insights, we challenge our clients by asking often difficult, thought-provoking questions. This meticulous approach is key to developing a new end-to-end digital strategy and assets capable of delivering greater ROI, satisfying your stakeholders... and bringing your digital communications back to full health.

Greg Hobden, Client Strategy Director

How we can help

Our deep understanding of our clients’ sectors means we challenge thinking, inspire ambition and deliver meaningful change across their businesses. In a world that’s always changing, content rich and visually crowded, we help our clients communicate their difference and stay ahead. 

To find out how please contact Greg Hobden in London, Aliena Lai in Hong Kong, or Kevin Windorf in New York.