Focus pull - The art of knowing your audience 10 April 2014

When a business describes itself as a ‘specialist', how does this translate? Blinkered? Shortsighted? Or fit-for-purpose, client-focused and a centre of excellence?



At Living, we believe that to really understand clients’ needs, we have to understand the sector they’re in, the issues they face and what their competitors are up to. We don’t expect this information to be part of the client’s brief – instead we take the initiative and get as close as we can to the nuts and bolts of their business.

We see ourselves as specialists in the true sense of the word, particularly in the financial and professional services sectors. This provides our clients with a valuable commodity: time. We’re able to grasp the underlying issues they face and their commercial objectives. And, of course, we can achieve the desired results quickly and efficiently.

That said, we are a creative business, and focus on developing truly different ideas, based on our extensive experience and insights into comparable industries. Creative experts and designers instinctively think laterally when given a business or communications problem. It’s part of their ability to consider a broad range of ideas, facts and figures, giving clients a perspective above and beyond the mainstream.

The financial, professional services, property and technology sectors are changing fast. They are becoming increasingly diverse, and face unprecedented pressure from recent tough economic conditions, global politics and regulators. From IFRS to Islamic Finance, it’s our job to stay informed and anticipate these changes, from a branding and communications perspective.

As the economy improves, and businesses become more marketing confident, clarity is everything. People don’t have the time – or the money – to try and figure out what we do. So we like to be as clear as possible from our first contact, about our approach and what we set out to achieve.

If you’d like to find out how we could help your business please contact Abigail Vyner (+44 20 7739 8899) in London or Melanie Osborne (+852 3711 3100) in Hong Kong.