Championing Apprenticeships – A View from Living Group 12 March 2015

This week is National Apprenticeship Week – a week dedicated to celebrating apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

Apprenticeships within the creative industries are still relatively low-key and we want to do as much as possible to promote them.



We did a quick-fire Q&A with our HR Manager Helen Tejedor to share the effect schemes like Creative Pioneers can have on a business.

Before hiring an apprentice - did you know much about the schemes available within our industry?

No.  The Creative Pioneers campaign in the Metro was the first time we really thought about it. As it was specifically geared towards working within the creative industry, it really appealed to us.

What do you think the key benefits for the business are? 

There are so many young people wanting to find a route into employment in a creative environment. There are a variety of roles within the creative industry that do not necessarily require a degree; it makes sense to look at hiring apprentices.  I think it widens the talent pool at a junior level, who are keen to learn and are also extremely adaptable.  From a business point of view, it's a win-win situation.  They are learning the way you work and best practice right at the beginning of their career and you have junior employees who are energetic and ambitious supporting the team.

As an employer do you think apprenticeships are promoted enough?

Not really – Creative Pioneers has been good but if we hadn’t seen the scheme advertised in the Metro, we wouldn't have considered this route.

Any advice you'd give to a company looking to take on an apprentice?

Give it a go! As a sector, we should be creative when searching for talent and not just consider the traditional path into the industry. It’s worked for us and we are now on the search for our third apprentice.

You can find out more about Creative Pioneers here.