Calling all Law firms. Should digital & social media engagement matter? 19 February 2016

Our experience of working with many global law firms shows that those who focus on creating effective digital and social media communications are far more likely to positively engage with their audiences, increasing trust, encouraging conversation and, ultimately, creating business opportunities.



But, excelling at digital & social media engagement isn't without its challenges.

The strength of your brand and reputation reflect your firm’s ability to articulate its value. However, for many firms, this typically translates into creating vast quantities of content and publishing it across every available digital channel.

Creating great content, might help prove credibility, explain services and attract new clients. Having the technology and digital infrastructure in place may help you connect with those clients. But, without a focus on how you engage with them and especially what you say to them, your efforts run the risk of being ignored, or at worst destroying your reputation.

Evidence suggests that a lot of firms are only interested in talking about themselves. Too little thought is given to what their audiences may actually want and where they want it.

Firms that lack a client-centric approach to their communications will not engage their audiences.

We believe that Law firms that take a determined approach to digital engagement have a laser-like client focus. Their winning-formula combines two key elements:

Function – utilising the potential of digital functionality backed by a relevant channel strategy. Creating appealing content on a variety of media, including stimulating graphics, audio, animation and video.

Evidence – providing a clear offer, informative messaging, relevant subject matter and the kind of insight that shows a deep understanding of client issues and interests. This demonstrates the ability to help clients succeed.

Ultimately, we believe that firms that invest in a determined approach to digital and social media engagement create success. They do this by connecting with their audiences, encouraging conversation and inspiring belief, trust and buy-in.

Which firms have achieved a determined approach to digital engagement?

Firms such as Bryan Cave, who show a remarkable focus on putting what the client needs first. Foley & Lardner, who have tailored their digital communications around solutions to client issues and provide a wealth of insight and tools to help. And, Perkins Coie, who demonstrate confidence by presenting inspiring content creatively with beautiful illustrated commentary and all the detailed evidence a client needs to make an informed decision to work with them.


Living ratings

For over six years, we have researched and published in-depth analysis of how marketers in legal, financial and professional services firms use digital and social media to engage effectively with their audiences.

We give you the evidence and insight you need to formulate your own approach. Each ratings report provides a useful benchmark, comparing your activities with those of your peers and highlighting who is doing well and who isn’t.

We are soon to publish our latest in-depth, the digital communications of the Top 100 global law firms and applied over 50 function and evidence criteria. 

If you would like to receive a copy, or talk to us about your digital and social media approach - let us know.

David King, Group Marketing Director