An evening with Ektron 09 December 2014

We were very excited to attend a roundtable with Ektron, a global player in the Content Management System sector.



The gathering brought together Ektron partners from London and beyond, providing us with an opportunity to network and to hear about the services and to know more about the latest and greatest features that will be deployed in the next Ektron updates.

Product evangelist, James Stout showed us the areas where the system is best in class (search, customisation, connectivity with legacy and third party platforms) and where it is headed next, for example distributed cloud systems. A number of best practice tips and personal anecdotes complemented the presentation, which was followed by a networking session where we were able to ask the experts a few questions and share our experience with the CMS with other Ektron partners.

Key takeaways from the event included:

- Ektron is one of the top CMS platforms on the market, it started as a content management system and has been integrated with several additional platforms, like personalisation and marketing suite, to support practitioners, marketeers and business development people. Instead of just being good at one thing, Ektron are trying to be everything for everyone.

- As a company, they have built their business on a “nothing is impossible” philosophy: Ektron is an open system and if something is not available, like a component or a module, then it can be built from the ground up and become part of a library in a custom implementation, or distributed to the community or be re-sold under a licence program.

- Ektron offers very sophisticated search functionality out of the box and can be customised to segment and target users based on a number of key parameters: usage pattern, geolocation, previous visits, demographics.

We are looking forward to the next event.
To find out more about Ektron, visit: