Working with the hidden gem of Shoreditch 26 May 2017

Hipsters, bicycles and artisan coffee – all words now synonymous with Shoreditch… but donkeys?

Nestled in the heart of Spitalfields, a stone throws away from the very trendy Brick Lane is Spitalfields City Farm. Adorned in beautiful flowers, abundant with horticulture and occupied by an eclectic group of farmyard animals, it has been around since 1978.  

We had the pleasure to kick start our latest pro bono project with the farm’s team yesterday. Whilst it has been made popular with some of the locals for their annual ‘Goat Race’ held in June, there is a serious undertone to the farm, and their achievements for the local community are inspired.

At the heart of the farm are its volunteers who work hard to tend for the farm and care for the animals. They run multiple programs working with people dealing with mental health problems and disabilities by building a supportive environment and connecting them with nature.

For their younger audiences, there is an opportunity to learn about how produce is grown and interact with the animals - anything from rabbits to by their biggest celebrity – Derek the Donkey.

Free and open to all, you can expect to go on a wonderful journey and discovery here. Visit the farm’s website to learn more about what they do, what’s happening and how to get there.

We are delighted to be working with the Spitalfields City Farm team, celebrating their 40th anniversary next year, we look forward to helping them achieve their long-term goals for 40 years and beyond.

Creating Difference

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