Transforming and digitalising thought leadership 25 July 2016

In an increasingly connected world, what capital strategies should corporations implement to ride the digital wave and capture business opportunities? Well this week sees the publication of a compelling thought leadership report by EY that answers this question.

Created and designed by our team in Hong Kong the report is being launched both online and in print.



To better prepare customers for embracing digital transformation, EY conducted a comprehensive Digital Deal Economy Study that analyses the impact of digitalisation and offers valuable insights. 

This timely report, distributed at EY events, was enhanced by our creative input and striking design. To reach more prospective clients, we have also produced a 'flippable' version that can be accessed online.

A vision of tomorrow’s exciting digital world

Our challenge was to convey EY’s vision of the digital future in a compelling, relevant and easy-to-understand way. Information-rich text is brought to life through impactful images supported by thoughtful graphics that visually highlight the key points.

Telling the story through icons and images

The clever use of icons, charts and infographics also help communicate the key findings of the survey, making full use of EY’s distinctive brand.

To experience this glimpse into the future and learn more about the survey, please visit

For more information on how we can bring your thought leadership to life both on and offline, please contact Greg Hobden in London, Aliena Lai in Hong Kong, or Kate Shaw in New York.

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