The future of social media in corporate reporting: CorpComms interviews Living's CEO, Kate Shaw 03 May 2013

In an article published in the latest edition of CorpComms magazine, Andrew Cave investigates whether social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook have the potential to replace official corporate reporting channels, such as RNS, considering the pace at which technology is changing the world of communications.



The article sheds light on views of industry professionals and reactions to the SEC report released earlier this year which cites that listed companies are now allowed to release corporate information via social media channels as long as those holding a stake in the company will be informed about this beforehand.

Kate Shaw sees the SEC's announcement as "a really positive move… It's saying that social media is not just about informal channels. It's about a proper and serious dissemination of information. Finally, regulators are realising that social media is a viable channel and that people are genuinely looking for different ways to gather their information." She continues, "it also means that social media is not informal anymore. It's going to be a part of a regulated channel. People will have to be careful about what they post."

In contrast to other interviewees, Kate Shaw believes that the future of communications predominantly lies in social media and that organisations will soon realise that using social media is as inherent as having a corporate website.

The article is not online, but can be viewed in the print edition of CorpComms magazine (April 2013).