Social media. The elephant in the room? 30 October 2012

Living has launched the first edition of Living Ratings: Sustainability Communication in Financial Services.



Published today, the report shows the ratings and rankings of online and printed sustainability communications of 49 of the FTSE 350 Financial Services sector firms. The in-depth report presents statistics which highlights that at least half the financial firms in the FTSE 350 are failing to create competitive advantage or capitalise on the value of sustainability and CSR reporting.

Commenting on the findings, Nick Smith, Copywriter at Living and author of the report said: “Companies have a duty to their shareholders, clients and their staff to ensure that they are able to not only survive but thrive, as a responsible business. There has never been a more crucial time for financial services firms to not only talk about behaving with absolute integrity (with a strong rationale for adopting a specific CS strategy) but that they are visibly seen to be doing so.”

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