Shining a light on EY’s 15th Global Fraud Survey 17 May 2018

Creating the EY Global Fraud Survey is always an opportunity to push design of infographics and explore how we can visualise data in new and interesting ways. This year the survey focused on insights from business leaders on the risks and challenges that organisations face in fighting fraud and corruption in an era of significant technological advance.

Our aim was to make this years survey easily digestible for the reader by using design to better deliver text heavy content and introducing data graphics and imagery to support the evidence.

A key part of the challenge was to progress the design of the EY fraud survey microsite so that it that would improve the reach of this insight, not only within each each region, but also globally.

With the research completed by Ipsos Mori, we were able to work closely with the copy team to deliver the content in a more compelling way both on and offline. Leveraging the talent from our global team, we worked round the clock with the global EY team to craft the design of the content and data.

After a successful launch, EY are now able to drive conversations globally both on and offline, plus provide evidence-based insight to their target audiences, so maintaining its market-leading position in this highly competitive space.

Visit the EY Fraud Survey interactive hub:

For more information on our how we can bring your thought leadership to life, please contact Kate Shaw in London, Aliena Lai in Hong Kong, or Kevin Windorf in New York.

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