Revolutionising a brand at the sharp edge of the law

Revolutionising a brand at the sharp edge of the law

05 February 2018

We have recently completed a groundbreaking new brand for law firm and litigation specialists Kasowitz in North America.

This deliberately bold and unapologetic brand is based around the firm's reputation as creative, aggressive and relentless lawyers, who are trial-ready for their clients. This unique positioning allowed us to break with tradition and create brand positioning and a visual identity that is uncompromisingly assertive and that thrives in a black and white world of thought-provoking imagery and messaging.

One of the key components of the new brand is film – the firm's opportunity to communicate who they are, what they do and why it matters to their target audiences. This media was embedded in their new website created by our team.

You can find out more about our work for Kasowitz in our case study and visit their new digital experience at

For more information on our how we can revitalise your brand, please contact Kate Shaw in London, Aliena Lai in Hong Kong, or Kevin Windorf in New York. 

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