Relentlessly inquisitive. Investing in opportunity. 03 January 2018

We have recently completed our latest re-brand project with Redefine International.

Incorporated in 2004, Redefine International is a diversified FTSE 250 real estate investment trust, committed to delivering superior distributions to its shareholders throughout the property cycle.

Redefine International’s major shareholder is Redefine Properties, South Africa’s second largest commercial property landlord. The two businesses are separate entities; however, on-going brand confusion was evident in the market. In addition, there was a lack of awareness and recognition in the UK market amongst all stakeholders.

The task given to Living was to create a degree of strategic divergence and independence, from their major shareholder, Redefine Properties. A new name and rebrand will also help Redefine International achieve their strategic goal to be ‘the UK’s leading income focused REIT’.

In order to identify their guiding principle, we carried out an in-depth discovery phase and found their core motivation – “Relentlessly inquisitive. Investing in opportunity”.

Utilising their brand purpose, we have created a new visual brand that expresses the strength and stability of Redefine International in a clear and compelling way. The new visual expression of the firm, illustrating its areas of focus, are more dynamic, creative and sophisticated. The overall effect is a powerful and aesthetically rich visual identity that is appropriately distinctive, able to stand tall in an ever-increasing competitive, crowded marketplace.

You can view the new brand on their website via

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