Rating social media in leading APAC law firms 22 October 2013

As social media communication in the UK’s leading law firms goes from strength to strength, a new Living Ratings study released today – Living Ratings of Social Media & Brand Content in APAC Law Firms –benchmarks 60 leading law firms in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, and discovers that not all of them share the same enthusiasm for social media.



While the leading international law firms in the APAC region continue to make strong progress in social media, our study shows that many leading local law firms in Hong Kong and Singapore demonstrate little or no appetite for social media communication.

Nick Smith, the author of the study says, “The evidence from our analysis shows that the firms at the top of our rankings clearly understand, and place significant value on, social media with a multi-channel and multi-audience approach.”

To read the full report please visit the Living Ratings website.