Raising the bar for EY’s flagship annual fraud survey 20 April 2017

Last week saw the launch of the EY’s EMIEA (Europe, Middle East, India & Africa) Fraud survey. The survey delivers new insights on the perception of fraud, bribery and corruption faced by companies based on 4,100 interviews conducted in 41 countries across Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. Rich with astute data and analysis the fraud survey became an excellent opportunity for Living to transform the editorial and statistics into an engaging experience for readers in both print and digital.

Living’s aim was to create a design experience that minimises word count and leverages infographics. Our succinct design approach enabled a more sophisticated aesthetic for the fraud survey which subsequently created a more compelling and digestible read. Our focus throughout the project was to deliver a design system that was more modular and could extend beyond the printed page into digital communications.

The biggest step change in this year’s survey was the shift to a digital platform which expands the survey’s reach to a global audience. We delivered an experience whereby users could fully immerse themselves into a dynamic and intuitive microsite, allowing them to navigate through the report with ease. We took the approach to have several initial meetings with the firm to ensure that we defined what the ‘new face’ of the report would be. The microsites’ success has meant that it is now the most engaged EY website to date.

Living’s integrated team worked to pull the whole project together in record time working closely with EY’s stakeholders globally. The result was a multidimensional communication that sets a fresh benchmark for financial thought leadership.

You can read more about how we created the new report in our case studies, plus view the digital report here http://fraudsurveys.ey.com/. 

For more information on how we can create a more engaging experience for your clients both on and offline, please contact Kate Shaw in London, Aliena Lai in Hong Kong, or Kevin Windorf in New York.

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