Putting hedge fund branding firmly on the agenda 15 March 2013

On the 30th January 2013, Living took home The Hedge Fund Journal’s ‘Brand and Marketing Communications Award’. The Living team was delighted to be recognised as the leading brand and marketing communications agency for the hedge fund industry, proving that the past 8 years of hard work with more than 50 hedge fund clients has been well worth it.



Following the award ceremony in January, Living has been featured in the latest edition of the magazine. After interviewing CEO Kate Shaw and Group Creative Director Duncan Shaw on why branding is so important for the hedge fund industry, a comprehensive article has been published on how funds need to differentiate, add value and most importantly of all, be utterly transparent with their stakeholders

Commenting on the importance of branding, Kate said; "Big institutional investors are particularly brand-savvy because they invest a significant amount into a retail-facing brand. But it is not just the pension funds, it helps the prime brokers do their job if they are dealing with a fund that has a distinct identity.”

If you would like to find out how the team at Living could help your fund, please contact Kate Shaw on +44 (0)20 7739 8899.