PCW. Ahead of the curve 23 September 2013

Living has created a visual identity for PCW Planning and Development, the company leading the redevelopment of London's historic Park Crescent West.




The brand is spearheaded by the logo, which uses carefully positioned type to create a contemporary look and feel, with the word ‘West’ deliberately placed to the left of mark to emphasise the geographical position of the development. Clean vertical lines have also been added represent to the sweeping and iconic columns of Park Crescent West.

The crescent was originally designed as town houses for the friends and family of the Prince Regent in the early 19th Century, but was largely destroyed during World War II and replaced with 1960s office and residential accommodation. Now, more than 200 years after the crescent was first designed, the vision is to return the buildings to their original use.

The visual identity is to be rolled out across a wide range of key marketing tools in the coming months and throughout the development of this unique site.