Painting the school red, blue and yellow 01 September 2015

August bank holiday weekend saw a landmark stage in our rebrand of Christ Church Primary School in Brick Lane, London, namely the painting of a mural on four sections of a 30 metre wall.



This particular aspect of our project has been in the planning for the past month with Tim Phelan, our lead designer, on the project carrying out various fact-finding missions in the school playground to accurately measure the space and ensure that his designs have ample coverage and impact on the walls.

Tim’s idea was inspired by the children’s journey to school showing a stylised school bus heading towards the school featuring a fantastic rendition of Christ Church itself, which has been a prominent landmark in Spitalfields for over 300 years. The mural then shows images of two stylised excited children running towards an inspiring images of science and nature. The mural is intended to be a engaging learning experience.

Needless to say the teamwork displayed on the day between all the volunteers was as inspiring as the art work itself. Whether people were stencilling, masking, painting or hunting around for the infamous ‘wet cloth’, it was clear that their dedication to making a difference to the environmental experience of the Christ Church Primary School pupils was outstanding.

In six creatively frenetic hours we had the whole thing complete and dry just in time for a downpour of rain. The whole day was also captured on film by the hugely supportive team from ESA films, which we will be sharing very soon.

"The first thing that I did when I got into work this morning was to have a look at the mural!. After Saturday I couldn't wait! It looks absolutely fantastic. It really is so vibrant, fun, creative and really lifts the whole area. The staff were knocked out when they saw it this morning. The children are going to absolutely love it."

Julian Morant, Christ Church School.

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