lw.com – The ‘one-firm’ Firm walks the talk 11 May 2012

Living is delighted to offer its congratulations to Latham & Watkins, one of the world’s leading international business law firms, on the launch of its new website.



Living’s Group Client Director Greg Hobden tells the story of how lw.com reflects Latham’s innovation that clients depend upon.

“Latham’s new website, approach, process and what I would call their ‘pixel-perfect’ in-house Technology team are the embodiment of their ‘one firm’, Firm’ philosophy. From the outset they have unwaveringly focused on placing their clients at the heart of the website”, an approach that has found a natural alignment with Living’s ethos and approach.

“lw.com is a website that bears all the hallmarks of a collaborative, streamlined process; whether that has been the high level of consensus around the brief, Living’s discovery phase, the user experience or the design. Latham has much to be proud of and the new site surely sets a new standard in the legal sector while undoubtedly mirroring their reputation as a first-class law firm”.

Latham’s client focus is exemplified in the new website, designed by Living. Firstly the introduction of a client-centric navigation; ‘Global Directory’, 'Industries’ and ‘Practice areas’ are available at the click of the mouse; ‘About us’ has been positioned away from the primary navigation. Secondly, popular tools such as ‘People finder’ and ‘Events’ calendar widgets are persistently constantly visible throughout the site. Finally, lw.com uses a range of techniques to cross-fertilise content: ‘You might also be interested in’, related contacts, news and thought-leadership.

Click here to visit Latham & Watkins new website.