Living joins the IncludeDesign campaign 26 February 2013

Living has joined the IncludeDesign campaign, an initiative to ensure that art and design subjects remain an important part of the school curriculum in the UK.



The campaign, set up as a response to the Government's proposal to strip art, design and technology from the English Baccalaureate, is backed by design heavyweights that include Jonathan Ive and Sir Terrence Conran, and has two objectives:

1. To ensure that design and arts subjects are included in the core of young people’s education

2. To avoid a two tier system where design and arts subjects were perceived to be second rate qualifications.

Recently the Government has confirmed that it will now include these subjects and the campaign team will be scrutinising the details to ensure that the quality of these curricula remains at a high standard. Latest estimates of the value design brings to the economy stand at approximately 2.2 per cent of GDP or £33.5 billion spending annually. Source: Imperial College London 2011.

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