Helping Freyathlon get off to a flying start 26 October 2015

We are proud to share the creation of new naming, visual branding and website for Freyathlon; a one-woman challenge to complete over 100 Olympic sporting events, undertaken by Freya Rodger.                                   



About Freyathlon

Freya was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a blood cancer, in 2012. After undergoing chemotherapy and moving into remission, Freya used sport to rebuild her life and is now embarking on a year-long sporting mission – and it’s a big challenge by any measure.

Freya will run, swim, cycle and dive her way through over 40 categories of sport open to women at the Rio Olympics in 2016. It’s not about seeking accolades or beating the competition – it’s about giving it a go, and using sport to overcome hurdles and accomplish personal goals.

The early morning runs, aching limbs and blisters won’t stop Freya who’ll be documenting every milestone on her new website:

Commenting on our involvement with the project, Duncan Shaw, Executive Creative Director said: “Freya has been inspirational to us all, and after hearing her story, we were compelled to help as part of on-going CSR initiative. Hopefully what we’ve created for Freya will inspire others as much as she’s inspired us.”  

Delivering a new visual identity

Our London team worked with Freya to craft a smart name for her heroic challenge and a visual identity to go with it. The result was Freyathlon: a fun and powerful brand, emblematic of Freya’s personal determination.

Freya Rodger commented: “I’m so pleased with the new visual identity and website that Living has helped me with. I’ve had amazing feedback on the branding, and I wouldn’t be where I am today with Freyathlon without the work that Living has done – a true home run!”

Creative Director, Andy Richards comments: “Freya is a truly inspiring woman. From our first meeting, her guts and determination were clear. This is a woman who’s not afraid of getting a few scrapes on her way to achieving her goals, and we designed her new brand identity to express that. We used a range of colour and a variety of type styles to reflect the different events and locations in London where Freya will be testing her mettle.”

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