Flock, stock and new brand apparel 22 February 2018

This week sees the launch of our latest pro bono brand project for Spitalfields City Farm, which has been an East London landmark for almost 40 years.

The farm is a true oasis in the heart of the city and a homegrown institution born out of its environment, that connects people to nature, enhancing their well-being and allowing them to re-engage with the natural world.

Although the farm is an important part of the community, it was struggling to build awareness of where it was and wasn’t resonating with local residents. Awareness was a big issue, along with limitations in being able to communicate effectively online.

After a fun discovery session on a sunny afternoon, we came away with plenty of information to help us formulate a tight brief and get stuck in to rebranding the farm. Each member of our creative teams in London and Hong Kong came up with a conceptual route, which were then pinned to our studio walls ready for the big presentation, where we invited the entire Spitalfields City Farm team along for the big unveiling of our ideas.

The chosen idea celebrates the farm’s rustic heritage but also its juxtaposition with London’s financial centre. The marque uses the symbol of a donkey (the farm’s mascot animal) expressed through a woodcut style with iconic building’s shown cleverly in the negative space of the donkey’s legs. An interesting reverse play on the City of London looming over the farm.

The visual language extends the rustic woodcut style into a range of farm illustrations and icons depicting animals, plants, tools and buildings. Supporting the visual language is a witty, pun based messaging inspired by the sense of humour found among the farm team which is crafted to provide an amusing external messaging system.

Our creative work with Spitalfields City Farm wasn’t limited to designing on paper and Apple Macs, we were determined to use the ‘home grown’, ‘make do and mend’ ethos of the farm inspired us to develop a signage system constructed out of up-cycled palettes kindly donated by TFW Printers. The design team spent many evenings hacking and smashing up these palettes, then reconfiguring them into neat little signs to identify key locations in the farm. Using stencils and spray paint we extended the illustrations and language to work across a consistent set of signage that is as rustic and charming as the farm itself.

Our journey with Spitalfields City Farm has been hugely satisfying and mutually rewarding. We’ve learnt a few new skills and made some great new friends in the process. If you fancy a bit of peace and quite in the heart of the London, pop along to Spitalfields City Farm, we guarantee you’ll come away feeling a whole lot better!

To find out how we can revitalise your brand, please contact Kate Shaw in London, Aliena Lai in Hong Kong, or Kevin Windorf in New York. 

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