Equilo – disrupting gender analysis

equilo – disrupting gender analysis

30 January 2018

Today sees the launch of equilo  a technology start-up that provides transformative gender analysis for global development project planning and emergency response across sectors, geographies and demographics to improve outcomes of investment for communities. 

With an aim to attract investment for their web-based app for customised gender analysis and action plans, equilo approached Living to create an energetic new brand and digital experience for their venture.

This was an exciting new project that afforded us the opportunity to create a new brand from scratch. Our journey with equilo began with name generation and strategic work around their brand positioning statement and brand values. With a new name ‘equilo’ (stemming from a concept of equality and equilibrium) we developed a dynamic brand marque and visual language based around the analysis they deliver which aims to create equilibrium in communities.

The marque was designed to express the analytical process whereby the individual lowercase letters in the logo are vertically offset and subsequently balanced by coloured bars. In addition we developed a vibrant and versatile visual language that works with a bespoke serious of iconic illustrations that speak to their process and outcomes. The result is a brand image that is both analytical and playful in the same instance.

equilo have been keen to progress with sourcing investment for their project and needed to move swiftly to create key marketing materials for pitch purposes. Living worked in partnership with the firm's founders to curate content and craft its engaging delivery across presentations and a fresh new website. 

Find out more about equilo: https://www.equilo.org/

For more information on our how we can create your new brand, please contact Kate Shaw in London, Aliena Lai in Hong Kong, or Kevin Windorf in New York. 

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