Building digital relationships: Rating Financial Advisers' comms 18 March 2015

Our seventh edition of Living Ratings – Building digital relationships: Digital content and communication in the UK’s leading Financial Advisers - officially launches today. (18.03.15)

In this edition of Living Ratings we look at how the UK's leading financial advisers are utilising digital communications channels to build relationships on the internet or via social media as well as face to face.



This study benchmarks a selection of FT Advisers’ Top 100 Financial Advisers across seven categories; web functionality, web content, social media presence, social media brand content, Twitter frequency, Twitter response and social media influence.   

“Given the undoubted strength of many of the financial adviser brands in the list of firms we rated, we were confident they would perform well in our study. Surprisingly that was not the case. A high score of 76% and an average on 50% show that in terms on Digital Intelligence, FAs have a lot of work to do.” – Nick Smith, author of Living Ratings.

FT Adviser exclusively covered Living Ratings - Building digital relationships: Digital content and communication in the UK’s leading Financial Advisers - here.

You can download report here.