Benchmarking digital intelligence in the Property Week Top 40 Investment Agencies 03 July 2014

Today marks the launch of our latest Living Ratings study: Digital content & communication in the Property Week 2013 Top 40 Investment Agencies.



In this edition of Living Ratings we look at how leading property investment agencies are embracing the opportunities offered by a growing number of digital corporate communication channels.
This study benchmarks Property Week's 2013 top 40 investment agencies against 50 key criteria in six categories; web presence, social media presence, web brand content, social media brand content, twitter frequency and social media influence.  
Across all six categories our analysis reveals a number of impressive examples of digital communication. As one might expect from the sector it's the 'Property Search' functionality that dominates. But that's not the whole story – the quality of websites overall is high.   
The author of the report, Living Group’s Nick Smith commented: “Although our latest study identifies some impressive examples of digital communications, 40% of the companies analysed still had an ‘About us’ approach to communication. Furthermore, only 20% offered cross-device functionality".

This is the fifth in a series of reports from Living Ratings, which benchmarks financial, professional services, property and technology firms’ communications.

View the full report here.