Artpeggios: life after financial services 08 March 2012

As specialists in financial communications we spend much of our waking lives (and some of our sleeping too) thinking about financial services. Once in a while our minds drift off into the blue yonder as we dare to dream “what if... one day...?”  Well, for one of our clients the dream has become a reality.



Through our branding work with Elgin Capital we got to know Guillaume Bonpun, a financier with 20 years experience in the City. Few knew that he was also a keen amateur bassist.

In 2011 Guillaume, together with Jacques Nazaire, a professional musician and artist, founded Artpeggios, a new music and art school based in West London. Artpeggios was born out of their shared love of music and a passionate belief that music and art are a core part of education... and life.

Working with Guillaume again, Living’s brief highlighted the need to create a vibrant visual brand and communications that were both relevant to Artpeggios' existing client base and for marketing the school to a new audience. View the case study to find out how we did it.


Artpeggios-logo.jpg Artpeggios-image.jpg