A brand new look for Lewis Silkin 19 April 2016

Law firms are constantly in search of differentiation… often turning to their unique heritage, plethora of specialisms or numerous industry-leading league tables in attempt to help articulate the value they bring. With law firm Lewis Silkin it’s different ­and one of a kind. 

For over 60 years Lewis Silkin has provided legal advice to businesses in the creative, sport, real estate, professional services, and technology sectors through offices across the UK and Asia. Sounding the same as other firms? Probably.



But Lewis Silkin are refreshingly personable, even “un-lawyer-like”. They instinctively know their clients’ business issues, provide pragmatic advice and, above all, their sharper perspective on matters means they’re exceptionally good at what they do. The new brand and positioning created by our London team after an extensive period of research is a true testament to that.

Supporting the firm’s global strategy, we transformed the face of the firm by developing complementary identities for each of the two business divisions: Lawyers for the Creative World and Global HR Lawyers. This approach clearly demonstrates the firm’s focus on their specialist sectors and legal services; delivering what’s important to their clients.

The memorable marque, based on a kaleidoscope, personifies Lewis Silkin’s incisive ability to cut-through the clutter of ‘black-letter’ law to get to the solution with no nonsense, just clarity; the variety of colours representing the diverse abilities of their talented people.

In the short-term, an interim website has been created to support the launch of the brand, with a fully-fledged website scheduled for launch later in the year. Find out about Lewis Silkin's brand new look.

To find out how we can bring your brand to life, please contact Greg Hobden in London, Aliena Lai in Hong Kong, or Kate Shaw in New York.

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